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The Culver Aircraft Division of the Waller County Aviation Museum (WCAM) is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of aircraft from Culver's military and civilian aviation history.

Culver History

In the late 30's, one of Al Mooney's early designs was the Culver Cadet which came to be known in that era as general aviation's "sports car" of the sky.

With onset of WWII, Culver shifted its focus to the military needs of the nation and became heavily involved in the "Yehudi" Top Secret Program for developing pilotless aircraft.

Utilizing flight control concepts developed through its research and development program during the war, Culver returned to the civilian market and introduced the Culver V (V for Victory) model at the war's end.  This aircraft was intended to offer businessmen the ability to have safe, comfortable, and fuel efficient capabilities for cross-country flying at an affordable price.


In addition to a PQ-14A and two Culver Vs, the museum has the only remaining PQ-8A and is returning it to its military configuration.  WCAM also has an extensive collection of Culver memorabilia including the logbooks and personal effects of Culver's Chief Test Pilot, Charles Earl Price.

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The Culver Division of WCAM is staffed by volunteers and is based at Sport Flyers Airport (27XS) , a private airport located west of Houston, Texas in Waller County. Whether driving in or flying in, prior contact and appointment is required.

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